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It's time to think differently about automation, shifting both right and left, simultaneously.

In response to the rapid, relentless change our enterprise customers are navigating, Worksoft made the strategic choice to deliver unprecedented value from a one cohesive automation platform for both pre- and post-production environments. Our Connective Automation seamlessly connects the full life cycle of a business process from process intelligence to testing to RPA.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With Worksoft, automation assets are no longer siloed between disparate systems and solutions. Instead, automation can be created, shared, and repurposed to understand, refine and run your business processes—all from one single Connective Automation platform. The result? Faster time to value with reduced risk and rework for your digital transformations.

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Discover and Optimize E2E Automated Business Processes

Improve business outcome and keep pace with change with unprecedented process insights. Our comprehensive automated process discovery and analytics enable you to uncover hidden complexities across your end-to-end processes, delivering the premium process visibility you need to drive process improvement, mitigate risks, and identify candidates for test automation and RPA. Prioritize next steps based on based on potential benefits and track realized gains. Experience the unmatched value of a closed-loop approach to maximize your automation investment.

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Create, Maintain, Share, and Reuse E2E Automated Tests at Scale

Worksoft’s codeless platform is built to test complex processes that span multiple applications as part of continuous testing, integration, or delivery cycles. Test end-to-end processes that flow through packaged applications, web and mobile apps and more. Our patented Object Action Framework dynamically adjusts for change. Speed migrations and streamline process documentation with a reusable automation asset library. And schedule and run unattended remote testing from anywhere at any time, ensuring flawless execution of your business processes.

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Automate Production Processes to Focus on Higher Value Tasks

With unmatched speed, scale and peace of mind, Worksoft Connective RPA is different by design. Combining key capabilities of our leading test automation—including navigating complex end-to-end processes, content and data handling, and dynamic change resiliency—with new RPA functionality for security, governance and lifecycle management in production in one connective automation platform. Easily repurpose test automation for RPA in production environments to eliminate common RPA challenges like bot fragility and tedious maintenance.

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Code-Free, End-to-End Automation for
SAP Salesforce Oracle Team Center Coupa Manhattan Associates SAP SuccessFactors SAP S4 HANA Concur SAP Hybris Ariba SAP Fiori


Why Choose the Worksoft Connective Automation Platform?

platform-icon-Discover Business Process
Visualize real-world, actionable insights to determine strategic next steps with process intelligence.
platform-icon-Object Action Framework
Object Action Framework mitigates bot fragility and ensures automation that adapts seamlessly to change.
platform-icon-Run end-to-end continuous tests
Run end-to-end continuous tests of desktop, mobile, web, and packaged applications from anywhere at any time.
platform-icon-codeless platform
100-percent codeless platform allows nontechnical and technical users to work in parallel.
platform-icon-Scaled Agile Framework
Scaled Agile Framework supports a truly collaborative, iterative process.
platform-icon-Reuse automation assets
Reuse automation assets seamlessly and extend the value of automation in pre- and post-production.
platform-icon-Integrate tools
Integrate with popular CI/CD tools.
Flexible architecture works the way you do: on-premises, hybrid, or in a private cloud.


Game-Changing New Capabilities
to Unlock Your Automation Potential

The Connective Automation platform just got better. Worksoft's new Process Intelligence adds robust,
AI-powered analytics to the industry's only closed-loop automation platform.