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About Worksoft

The Worksoft Advantage

Business Process Centric: The only solution for automated business process testing & discovery across all enterprise applications.

Fast: Build automation 3-5 times faster than any other solution. No programming skills required. Achieve very high business process coverage, 90% or more.

Industrial Scale: Replace manual labor with digital labor. Test 500,000 business process steps on 200 virtual machines in 3 hours. Rapid return on investment.

Collaborative: Designed for business users. Streamline business/IT collaboration by seamlessly sharing business process information & operational analytics.

Let's Get Started

Let us show you how companies are increasing the pace of innovation and lowering the risk of business disruption – even as they deploy more advanced systems and cut costs. There’s a reason why many of the world’s biggest names have adopted Worksoft automation software for business process discovery and validation. It’s time to find out what the Worksoft advantage is all about.