Mitigate risks and accelerate results with automatic identification and analysis of the key system components affected by SAP transports.

The number and complexity of SAP transports is growing fast, along with the risk of disruption to mission-critical systems. Identify and test changes before committing to production. Worksoft Impact automatically analyzes SAP transports, identifies impacted business processes, recommends which tests to run, and identifies gaps in test coverage that need manual verification. An easy-to-use tool for nontechnical users minimizes the resources required to test changes.

During configuration of a transport analysis of workflow and correlations processes, Worksoft Impact Analysis for SAP gives you the opportunity to select which of the transport programs and transactions to include in the analysis. All SAP web-based UIs are automatically included in the analysis. When Fiori components are present in a transport, Worksoft Impact will indicate how many components have been included in the analysis.

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Shorten SAP Testing Cycles, Improve Quality, and Reduce Costs and Risks

release faster
Release Faster
Minimize the time and resources required to test changes in SAP.
Reduce Defects
Reduce Defects
Increase quality by ensuring test coverage of end-to-end critical business processes.
Increase Automation
Identify tests in Worksoft Certify and then auto-run them in Worksoft Execution Manager.
Reduce risk
Reduce Risks
Leverage analytics to identify test cover gaps and focus testing efforts.

How Worksoft Impact for SAP Works

Worksoft Impact for SAP works hand in hand with Worksoft Certify so you can prioritize testing and optimize resources, ensuring that critical business processes continue to run as intended.

  1. Develop a library of Certify tests for business processes.
  2. Analyze a transport with Impact, which automatically correlates the T-codes, programs, and objects to your existing processes in Certify. Impact identifies existing processes impacted by the new transport.
  3. Use the automatically generated, easy-to-read report to prioritize tests you need to run and identify areas not covered by automated tests based on ST03 usage data. Immediately run tests in Worksoft Execution Manager.

Easily Automate Risk-Based Testing of SAP with One Comprehensive Solution

Working in conjunction with Worksoft Certify, Worksoft Impact for SAP automatically identifies what’s changing, prioritizes tests, and analyzes your existing automated test coverage. Impact runs transport analysis by looking at ABAP, programs, and objects that are changing. Changes are mapped against existing testing processes in Certify and a gap analysis is produced for both T-code transactions and Fiori launchpad applications. Using this gap analysis, you can prioritize testing and optimize resources.

Easily Automate Risk

You Don’t Have to Test Everything. You Just Need to Test the Right Things.

You can’t test everything. But with risk-based testing, you can ensure you’re testing the things that matter most. Risk-based testing starts by determining what’s changing. Worksoft Impact for SAP quickly analyzes SAP transports to identify impacted transactions, programs, and objects, and overlays this information with your existing automated test cases. With this insight, you can identify gaps and risks, allowing you to modify or improve testing resources and automation plans to ensure optimal coverage of critical processes.

You Don’t Have to Test Everything

Eliminate the Need for SAP Business Blueprints or TBOMs

Many companies use SAP BPCA (Business Process Change Analyzer) for impact analysis. But with BPCA relying on an accurate, consistently updated SAP Business Blueprint and TBOMs (Technical Bill of Materials), it requires a large investment of two things often in short supply: time and resources. Worksoft Impact seamlessly integrates with SAP Solution Manager and eliminates the need to use either, automatically identifying appropriate tests in your existing Worksoft test library.

Eliminate the Need for SAP

Extend Automation and Business Agility to Drive
Real Results

Months to Payback
Reduction in Staff Hours