Meet Compliance and Business Requirements with Complete, Accurate Documentation

Many industries operate under strict compliance and audit requirements. With Worksoft Business Process Procedure (BPP), you can use this automatically generated documentation to satisfy the ever-increasing demands for generating and maintaining accurate compliance and audit documentation of critical business processes and project management.

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Comprehensive Business Process Documentation, Dynamically Generated

ICON_readily available
Readily Available
Quickly generate and maintain the most accurate documentation of your critical business processes to support training, audit, and compliance.
ICON_centralized source
Centralized Source
A single source of documentation ensures you always have the most up-to-date information.
ICON_accurate data
Accurate Data
Documentation updates when Worksoft Certify functional tests are updated and executed successfully.
ICON_flexible output
Flexible Output
Generate documentation in PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word, and XPS. BPP also supports custom templates.
ICON_streamlined compliance
Streamlined Compliance
Compile discovery and document your processes to meet regulatory requirements.
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On-Demand Reports
Generate reports on-demand or based on a set of triggers, and receive automatic notifications to stay up-to-date from anywhere.

Always Have Accurate Compliance Reporting In Hand

Remain perpetually prepared for external or internal audits. Process Documentation allows you to automatically generate and maintain detailed, step-by-step descriptions of every business process. Add manual steps or signature approval blocks as needed, or produce flow charts for a high-level overview.

Worksoft BPP Business Process Procedure

Produce Documentation from Automated Test Results

Produce test results with Certify Automated Testing and Process Documentation transforms those results into simple, easy-to-understand descriptions, grouped by test process and application screen. Subsequent successful test executions automatically produce corresponding updated and accurate business process documentation.


Integrate the Full Lifecycle of a Business Process

Worksoft provides connective automation that seamlessly integrates the three stages of automation—discovery, testing, and RPA—in one codeless platform. This complete and dynamic understanding of your business process across all applications, web portals, and legacy systems—combined with continual testing as these systems change and update—empowers you to more easily implement and maintain robotic process automation, trusting in the accuracy and durability of your automation.

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