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End-to-End Business Process Testing for Even the Most Complex Oracle Application Landscapes

Although Oracle is central to your business, you must validate the entire business process, not just one application. That means testing beyond Oracle, across critical processes and technologies, including cloud, mobile, and any other web-based apps you may be using.

Worksoft gives you the QA coverage that manual testing alone can’t provide, ensuring all your end-to-end business processes are operating as users expect, no matter how you’ve configured apps to operate in your landscape. Whether you have applications deployed on-premises or in the cloud, Worksoft automation shortens timelines, improves efficiency, and ensures quality.

End-to-end business process testing
Oracle-e-business suite
E-Business Suite (EBS)
Get the most from your EBS investment. Worksoft ensures every business process is executed as expected, both in the applications and across all enterprise integrations, with complete functional test coverage of all Oracle business processes the way you designed them. We provide code-less, continuous automated testing of your end-to-end process, even those spanning hundreds of other applications, accelerating IT projects, mitigating risks, and freeing resources to focus on higher value tasks.
Software changes, new technologies, and fast-changing business needs introduce risk in today’s complex and dynamic enterprise environment. Ensure your business continues to function every time a change is made or technology is deployed with end-to-end test automation. Our Connective Automation Platform validates every PeopleSoft business process and accelerates your quality assurance efforts to keep PeopleSoft systems up and running as designed.
Automate QA to support customer relationships. Highly customizable and delivered on-premises, hosted, or via mobile, Siebel business processes are extremely complex and dynamic. Worksoft’s end-to-end business process testing is essential for keeping your business running smoothly, without interruption, and with the highest levels of quality execution. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business processes will work every time, across every app and integration, even when things change.
JD Edwards
Ensure quality ERP execution. Worksoft functional test automation effectively checks every component of the more than 80 application modules that make up JD Edwards. Our Connective Automation Platform handles the most complex, critical end-to-end business processes, including those that span multiple applications. With complete coverage, Worksoft enables you to validate business process quality on a 24/7 basis, shorten project timelines, reduce costs, and identify and resolve defects before they impact operations.