Performance Testing


Scalable Performance Testing for Web and APIs

Test modern, single-page web apps built on Angular, ReactJS and other popular frameworks.  Ensure APIs critical to application performance scale to expected user demand.  Test from real browsers, distributed in the cloud.  Get accurate and actionable performance data and analytics to continuously improve application performance and user experience. 

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Designed for Modern Enterprise Web Apps and API

Performance testing for applications powering digital business with the platform purpose-built for modern Web Applications and APIs

saleforce-icon-black-Meet compliance and business requirements
Scale on the Cloud
Scale-up and scale-down user load on the Cloud, easily simulating peak, intermittent and sustained load patterns.
platform-icon-Run end-to-end continuous tests
Test with Real Browsers
Tools creating raw HTTP and network protocol traffic cannot simulate the behavior and API request patterns typical of modern Web applications. Apps built with JavaScript and frameworks like ReactJS and Angular require modern enterprise load and performance testing solutions.
platform-icon-Reuse automation assets
Impact of Transaction Data
Continuously tune application performance with key attribute reports revealing application performance impacts from changes in transaction attributes.
Extensive Response Metrics
Capture application metrics most relevant to users ensuring a great user experience even under maximum load conditions.