Automatically Capture Your Step-by-Step Business Process in Seconds

Discovery of an organization’s business processes provides a baseline for process improvements and identifies key problem areas to be addressed for improvement. But business users are busy. And interviewing employees and functional experts is time consuming and can result in a conglomerate of disparate data that’s littered with inaccuracies or missteps.

With Worksoft's Business Process Capture Software, organizations can visualize and understand their end-to-end processes more effectively with automated business process discovery. Process Capture improves process discovery software and test accuracy, employing our advanced object and action recognition technology to seamlessly capture every step in your business process.

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Empower Business Users to Easily Capture Every Process Down to the Keystroke

ICON_no experience necessary
No Experience Necessary
Easy-to-use interface for both non-technical and advanced users.
ICON_accelerate automation
Accelerate Automation
Export automation artifacts to build automated testing faster.
ICON_generate documentation
Generate Documentation
Capture data can be used to create high-fidelity process documentation.
ICON_intuitive and flexible
Intuitive & Flexible
Make inline comments, document manual processes and add screen shots.
ICON_identfy patterns
Identify Patterns
Search and find commonly captured steps performed across all users.
ICON_premium integration
Premium Integration
Seamlessly load captures into Process Intelligence and Worksoft Certify for added value.


Automation for Everyone

A recent ASUG spotlight survey revealed that 46% say knowing what to automate is a barrier to implementing automation. In order to set up automation properly, you need to understand your operational processes. Worksoft’s codeless automated process discovery software makes it easy for business users to digitally capture existing processes. They simply hit record and our process discovery tool follows along with the user's normal workflows and routines as they do them. Unlike solutions that use pre-built content to assume the user's steps and create incomplete and often inaccurate process mapping, Worksoft's approach enables users to capture their actual business activity, creating high-fidelity automation assets that can be used to build intelligent automation and generate automated documentation. The captures also feed our Process Intelligence engine to offer insights into process variations and support machine learning that drives opportunities for continuous optimization.

“Anyone can use the process capture so we can get the knowledge out of their heads into our system so that we can script it." -Dutch Railways


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Business Capture for Users

Engage Business Users in Building Automation

From finance to HR to supply chain, employees across your organization conduct mission-critical business processes every day. Ensure their workflows remain intact with every migration, upgrade and release cycle. Worksoft makes it easy for your business users to conduct their normal tasks without disruption while our Capture technology simultaneously captures every keystroke in the background. Designed for maximum ease-of-use with a UI that is intuitive and accessible for the non-technical user, our Process Capture feature is available as a component of our industry-leading Process Intelligence.

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Visual Capture for Automators

Create Resilient Automation Scripts

Visual Capture is our most advanced object and action recognition technology for automated business process discovery, documentation generation and testing acceleration. Visual Capture is fast, easy to use and supports process capture across applications, including HTML5 Web and Mobile UIs. Visual Capture also features a rich user interface which enables both business users and test automation professionals to create end-to-end tests. In Agile environments, business users can run Visual Capture to document the stories. Once a feature is complete, QA finishes the test automation and can schedule tests to run continuously.


Agile Acceleration

Speed project delivery timelines

Enterprise packaged applications like SAP present unique and complex challenges for Agile testing. Automated discovery using Worksoft’s advanced Capture technology supports continuous testing for Agile environments. Using Capture, business users and testers can work together in parallel. As business users complete their routine functions with various applications, the detailed Capture data documents Agile stories. Test automation professionals use the captured information to build and schedule automation for continuous testing cycles.

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