API Testing


Drive end-to-end testing with API automation

From microservices that power business functionality and data access, to integration between applications, APIs are a critical component of every digital business process. Worksoft’s API automation testing enables you to drive these APIs as part of end-to-end testing of business workflows, or RPA. Increase test coverage for Cloud applicattions with data driven automation of APIs.

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Testing for a Connected Enterprise

As microservices that enable modular software development and engaging user experiences, or integrations with backend applications and third-party systems, APIs are the backbone of today’s connected enterprise. Worksoft’s powerful API testing capability helps you to make sure that these integrations to your Web and mobile applications work as expected. With our API testing methodology, you can ensure thorough and efficient testing of your APIs for seamless functionality and reliability.

saleforce-icon-black-Meet compliance and business requirements
Web and Mobile Apps
Integrate testing of APIs with Web and mobile apps to accomplish end-to-end testing of business workflows.
platform-icon-Run end-to-end continuous tests
REST and SOAP support
Test REST and SOAP APIs with JSON and XML payloads and use powerful data conversion support to pass transaction and test data between Web/mobile apps and APIs to drive business process for testing and RPA.
platform-icon-Reuse automation assets
Authentication and Security
Support encryption and multiple authentication methods including HTTP Basic, HTTP Digest and OAUTH 2.0 protocols.
Performance Testing
Make sure your APIs perform under the loads placed by your apps and integrations. Reuse automation built for API testing to run performance tests of APIs.