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Return on Investment
Automation & Testing
Productivity Gains
2.7 M
Net Present Value

Day Zero Value

Flatten the learning curve
to automate faster

Go from zero to automation faster than any other industry solution. Unlike testing tools that require proprietary programming knowledge, there’s no steep learning curve with our codeless platform. Just premium usability to start de-risking your operation right away, plus the ability to engage business users in process discovery, capturing their step-by-step tasks to create automation artifacts.

“We actually had the solution itself up and running within a week, because the Worksoft platform is very lean in terms of infrastructure and very rich in functionality.” 
—Johnson Matthey


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Reusable & Scalable

Avoid islands of automation

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Once you create automation with Worksoft, your code-free objects are stored in a repository you can use over and over again. Our object action framework and library of test artifacts enables enterprises to avoid islands of automation, sharing what they build across projects, teams and departments to support scalable, enterprise-wide automation value.

“We were able to bring a high level of maturity to the library of tests created in terms of test data management and self-validation of tests results which make the scenarios robust and very autonomous, thus, lowering preparation and manual validation time to a minimum.” – Cascades


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Dynamic Change Resilience

Skip costly rework and maintenance

Not everyone can handle change well. Brittle bots don’t adapt to change and must always be rebuilt and retooled, adding time-consuming and costly maintenance to your automation strategy. With Worksoft, enterprises maintain complex automation without the pain of resource-draining rework. Rather than using manually updating every instance of a change across processes and applications, our object action framework uses AI-driven algorithms to recognize patterns and employ a one-to-many approach to automatically replicate the change anywhere the object is used.

“A single update proliferates across the entire set of automation. One update to one object fixes thousands of steps in hundreds of different processes. It happens automatically, dynamically and consistently over and over again.”
Shoeb Javed, Worksoft Chief Strategy & Product Officer

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Remote Test Orchestration

Enable CI/CD with continuous testing & remote execution

Ensure your business processes function as intended, continuously. From Agile+DevOps to software releases to ongoing process changes, there’s no shortage of changes impacting the flow of your mission-critical processes. While other approaches to testing can slow down your project, Worksoft’s continuous test management lets you run consistent, automated tests that expedite defect identification, empowering you to prioritize remediation and accelerate project timelines.

“In order to start our journey with DevOps, the first piece of the puzzle we needed was Worksoft automation. We needed to be able to do end-to-end testing across applications to get fast feedback for our developers and ensure our cloud environments were viable.” — Shane Co.

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Automate End-to-End Testing for Complex
Packaged Apps and Beyond  

Codeless, Collaborative & Comprehensive

  • Create and maintain automated test scripts with speed and ease
  • Reduce technical risk with automated regression testing
  • Build a library of reusable automation assets to support value at scale 
  • Adapt to rapid change dynamically with the object action framework


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Validate business processes from anywhere, anytime

Unattended Remote Execution

  • Schedule and run user-interface driven tests simultaneously across multiple devices 
  • Obtain pass/fail results to funnel back to your continuous integration/delivery platform
  • Execute tests on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment


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Mitigate risk by predicting the impact of change

Risk-based SAP Testing

  • Identify and analyze the impact of SAP transports
  • Minimize time and resources needed to test SAP changes
  • Prioritize testing with automated risk report
  • Expedite change process by leveraging reusable automation assets


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