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Flexible, highly customizable and exceedingly complex, your Oracle EBS application is the heart of your business operation. With hundreds, even thousands of customizations, navigating upgrades and ensuring quality in the face of today's rapid change can be a daunting challenge. Oracle EBS automated testing offers a reliable and efficient solution to this challenge. By automating testing processes, you can reduce errors, ensure comprehensive test coverage, and increase the speed of your upgrades.

What if you could capture and understand
your E2E processes? 

What if you could speed testing and
mitigate risk simultaneously?

Worksoft codeless, change resilient Connective Automation Platform combines process intelligence, test automation, and Oracle EBS automated testing to empower the world's leading organizations to engage automation across the full lifecycle of their complex processes within and beyond packaged applications.

Innovate with Confidence with Codeless, Collaborative Automation

oracle icons prepare
Prepare for 12.1 End of Support
Establish a baseline of your “as is” environment to streamline change from minor patch updates to major migration planning to 12.2
oracle icons capture knowledge
Capture Business User Knowledge
Record and document how business users complete their tasks, capturing knowledge and end-to-end process steps digitally to build automation
oracle icons identify and document
Identify & Document Processes
Identify and document current business processes to minimize risk for frequent changes and updates
oracle icons reduce risk
Reduce Testing Risk
Highly customized environments present greater risk. Use the knowledge gained in the “as is” capture to ensure that your “to be” environment works as expected
oracle icons improve efficiency
Improve Efficiency for Experts
Empower your functional experts to focus on change instead of struggling to understand the “as is” environment
oracle icons mitigate costs
Drive Efficiency & Cost Savings
Mitigate costs associated with time, risk and efficiency by optimizing future updates and upgrades to avoid reinventing the wheel each time

Ease migrations & updates with process discovery

Skip the lengthy time and motion study and de-risk your impending upgrade by identifying your as-is environment through automation. Give your business users a simple, straightforward way to capture their task activity and document process flows. Our visual approach to process capture requires no programming and even provides the ability to comment during the capture process. The resulting documentation provides a step-by-step instruction set complete with screenshots. This data can be used to build test automation, support training, ensure audit compliance, or as input to the discovery phase during the next update, upgrade or migration project.


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Test Automation Built for Complex Packaged Apps

End user expectations of IT delivery fuel demand for testing and quality assurance. Yet testing Oracle EBS testing is no small feat. ERP applications are complex software packages and end-to-end business processes typically span many other applications, moving in and out of Oracle with potentially hundreds of steps in a single process. Manual testing can’t keep up with the complexity and volume to ensure proper coverage. And codeless test automation adds time-consuming set up and maintenance to the process. Worksoft’s test automation was designed specifically for continuous testing of packaged applications, providing peace of mind that your business processes function as intended with efficiency-boosting code-free automation that’s easy to set up and maintain.


oracle test automation framework

Keep pace with ongoing changes, large & small

Change resiliency is imperative in ever-evolving IT environments. Our patented object action framework streamlines change management by assigning object definitions to your shared assets. The same object may be used in a thousand automation steps, but it can be easily updated by making one simple change to the model definition. The change automatically propagates to every single instance where that object may have been used without a single line of code or manual human involvement.


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See our easy-to-implement automation in action and learn firsthand why more leading global enterprises trust Worksoft for automating packaged apps.