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Seamlessly Reuse Test Automation Data for Robotic Processes for Unmatched Efficiency 

When you’ve already identified, documented and tested your business processes with the Worksoft Connective Automation platform, you can experience even greater efficiency to execute those processes with Worksoft RPA. Import, reuse and leverage the automated processes from our Worksoft Certify end-to-end tests to run RPA, even for complex processes that span enterprise, mobile and web applications.

Our Connective Automation seamlessly integrates the full lifecycle of your business processes, from discovery to testing to RPA, so you can more easily implement and maintain robotic process automation, trusting in the accuracy and durability of your automation.

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Liberate Teams from Rote Tasks & Reduce Costs by Deploying RPA "Digital Workers"

With the ability to work error-free around the clock, Robotic Process Automation bots enable enterprises to significantly reduce time and costs, while improving quality and boosting security compliance and controls. With Worksoft RPA, you can liberate your human workers from tedious, time-consuming tasks and enable them to focus on higher-value tasks while accelerating productivity for rote processes.


Run Your Robotic Processes in a Secure, Scalable Platform

When it comes to executing business processes via digital workers, you need to ensure those processes can only be accessed or modified by authorized users. From capture to deployment, Worksoft RPA workflows are secure. Assets are encrypted and signed providing non-repudiation so you can rest assured they cannot be tampered with. And when you engage with Worksoft RPA, our implementation team will help you develop an overarching governance framework for RPA adoption and alignment to your risk, compliance and IT/data frameworks.


Manage & Monitor RPA Workflows with Intuitive Dashboard & Roles-Based Interface 

Worksoft RPA is easy to use, manage and scale, featuring a robust user interface that allows you to see process steps at glance. Use the RPA orchestrator to quickly and simply manage the workflow of discovery, creation and deployment. With secure digital worker management, extensive audit trails across your workflows, plus an Orchestration Dashboard, you'll have detailed data at your disposal to monitor and review your automated processes.


Leading Enterprises Trust Worksoft for RPA

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RPA Use Cases: Which Business Processes
Are Good Candidates for RPA?

sales and service_green2
Order to Cash, Account Setup. 24/7 Customer Service Support, Customer Complaint Tracking
Supply Chain Procurement_green
Vendor Setup, Requisition to Purchase Order, Invoice Processing
Order to Cash_green
Finance & Audit
Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Payments Processing
Sales and Use Reconciliation, Tax Master Data, Monitor / Renewal Processing
On-boarding / Off-boarding, Payroll, Resume Screening / Matching
Business Process IT_green
Account Setup and Maintenance, Internet Checks & Processing, Database Checks & Clean-up