Connective Robotic Process Automation Testing is
Different by Design.

Fast track RPA Testing creation. Secure and share test automation you've already built and quickly and easily create resilient bots you can trust. 

Worksoft Connective Automation integrates the full lifecycle of your business processes, from discovery to testing to  RPA Testing. As part of our seamless, code-free platform, Connective test RPA Testing lets you repurpose existing automation to quickly and easily implement and maintain robotic processes for Digital Workers, trusting in the accuracy and durability of your automation.

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Experience Resilient Robotic Process Automation For Testing

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Reduce the time and cost of building RPA with codeless automation platform
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Create more durable bots the first time by applying proven process automation
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Apply efficiency-boosting automation in production
Adjust dynamically to process variations with patented object action framework
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Satisfy audit requirements and gain peace of mind from security controls & oversight
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Leverage industry-leading automation for complex packaged apps like SAP

Build Automation with Speed & Ease

With the Connective RPA Platform from Worksoft, you can build better bots by leveraging your existing automation assets created using our codeless, easy-to-use platform that's built for complexity. Unlike systems that require costly and time-consuming bot development, Worksoft's Connective RPA Automation Testing gives you the ability to reuse business process automation to quickly and easily move automation into production. And since Worksoft Certify automation professionals can leverage the same skills to build both testing and RPA processes, there's no steep learning curve, so you can reap the true benefits of Robotic Process Automation in Testing faster.



Eliminate Failure Points with Dynamic Change Resilience

With a deep history grounded in software testing, Worksoft is well versed in anticipating and responding to change. Our dynamic resilience is another way Connective Robotic Process Automation for Testing is different by design. While most RPA Platform Testing systems are fragile when it comes to system changes, our patented object action framework recognizes and proactively adapts to variations of shared and reusable objects, reducing maintenance, streamlining robotic process automation testing, and making your RPA bots more durable.

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Manage Robotic Process Automation in Testing Workflows Securely
with Robust Orchestration

Built for use by technical and non-technical users alike, the Worksoft RPA Platform Automation Testing Orchestrator provides a control tower for scheduling, reporting and oversight of your Digital Worker queues. Secure, permissions-based Digital Worker management and a robust dashboard make it easy to manage step-by-step Robotic Process Automation in Testing workflows. Plus with encryption and non-repudiation, your RPA Automation Testing logs satisfy audit
compliance requirements.

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Leading Enterprises Trust Worksoft for RPA

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Connective RPA sits on a strong, extensible platform to deliver superior scalability, bot durability, and ROI.

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Realize ROI Faster with

Liberating your workers from tedious and time-consuming tasks can help you empower a more efificient, productive workforce. But if your RPA Automation Testing requires complex script development or repetition of your testing or QA efforts, the efficiency and associated savings are diluted. With Worksoft's Connective RPA Automation Testing, you can repurpose existing automation to avoid duplicative efforts, skip time-consuming systems integrations, expedite bot development, and achieve faster ROI.

Leverage Synergies Between
Test Automation & RPA

Test automation and RPA Automation Testing have natural synergies. Worksoft’s Connective RPA Automation Testing combines key capabilities of our leading test automation—including navigating complex end-to-end processes, content and data handling, and dynamic change resiliency—with new RPA functionality for security, governance and lifecycle management in production, to create high-value RPA Automation Testing with unmatched speed, scale and peace of mind.

RPA Automation Testing Use Cases: Which Business Processes
Are Good Candidates for RPA?

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Order to Cash, Account Setup. 24/7 Customer Service Support, Customer Complaint Tracking
Supply Chain Procurement_green
Vendor Setup, Requisition to Purchase Order, Invoice Processing
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Finance & Audit
Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Payments Processing
Sales and Use Reconciliation, Tax Master Data, Monitor / Renewal Processing
On-boarding / Off-boarding, Payroll, Resume Screening / Matching
Business Process IT_green
Account Setup and Maintenance, Internet Checks & Processing, Database Checks & Clean-up

Different by Design

See the change resiliency of Connective RPA Automation Testing and its ability to adapt to and heal process changes through automation. Plus explore the tangible benefits of expedited ROI and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) that you can expect from Connective RPA when used in concert with your existing Worksoft automation.

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Connective RPA

Global enterprises use Worksoft's Connective RPA to realize the efficiency-boosting benefits of robotic process automation testing with a more durable approach to automation that reduces risk. See Connective RPA Automation Testing in action.

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