Discover. Visualize. Transform.

See and understand your comprehensive business processes across complex
ERP applications and beyond.

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Visualize Business Processes
Discover every granular detail of your complex business processes
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Leverage ML Algorithms
Identify process patterns using actual data, not guesswork
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Recognize & Resolve Variants
Flush out inconsistencies and variances that impede quality and efficiency

Discover and visualize every step in your business processes

Uncover the truth behind your processes

Whether you're looking to boost operational efficiency, embark on a major migration project like SAP S/4HANA, or deploy an RPA strategy, your efforts will benefit from insights gained from Process Mining. Understand what's really happening with your business processes and where you can streamline, improve and repurpose your team's hard work.

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Recognize and resolve process variants and deviations

Are your business processes running the way they were designed and intended? Most organizations have variants and discrepancies in the actual execution of their processes and these differences can impact efficiency, performance and the customer experience. Extract your process mining and compare with as-is process data and check against BPMN flows to identify opportunities for adjustments both large and small.

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Discover process patterns to inform decision making 

If done manually, Process Mining is a slow and arduous task, vulnerable to inaccuracies at every turn. By extracting Process Mining data and using AI to combine this data with all your process data from various sources, you can expedite the discovery of process patterns and gain full transparency of every detail. The relevant process data gathered feeds our AI-driven analytics dashboard to empower you to make strategic decisions and monitor relevant, configurable KPIs based on real-time data. 

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