Automated Salesforce Testing Tools Ensure Processes Work End to End

    Whether you're using Salesforce to manage leads and territories, track opportunities and orders, or maintain customer information, Worksoft's continuous, automated testing for Salesforce ensures critical business processes continue to work even with frequent updates when testing Salesforce applications. And because we know complex business processes span multiple applications, Worksoft is designed to automate cloud testing, test Salesforce, and validate your customized Salesforce testing functionality and its integration with your other enterprise apps like Oracle and SAP.

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    salesforce testing tools - cloud automation testing tools
    salesforce testing tools
    Validate End to End Salesforce Business Processes
    Enable business users and IT to work in parallel with code-free Worksoft Certify. Certify ensures that Salesforce and your business work as planned so your company can accelerate IT projects, improve staff efficiency, and avoid business disruption.
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    Automate business process
    Automate Business Process Discovery and Documentation
    Discover and document every critical Salesforce process, even those that span multiple applications. With Worksoft Analyze, you can automate the discovery and documentation of every function, keystroke, and transaction without interrupting employees’ daily tasks.
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    Schedule and run
    Schedule and Run Unattended Remote Testing
    Tackle the change and manage the risks that come with frequently updated cloud apps, including Salesforce. Although you have less control over the timing of software updates and upgrades and where those changes occur, you can test changes before they impact your business. Worksoft Execution Manager lets you schedule remote, secure testing on a daily, hourly, or weekly basis, ensuring your business processes continue to work as designed, every day, across every application.
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    Meet compliance and business requirements
    Meet Compliance and Business Requirements
    Generating comprehensive business process documentation, Worksoft Business Process Procedure gives you accurate documentation of critical business processes you can use to support training, audits, and compliance.
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