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At first we thought test automation was very technical, but we came to understand that Worksoft is not a developer tool but rather an intuitive, easy to learn tool for business users.

Jens Neuhaus Director of Test Automation Service at Siemens Energy

With automation, I believe the time we've saved is about 80 percent. I have actually monetized it, and we've saved millions of dollars just based on the hours saved.

Major Industrial Manufacturer

Previously we were taking around five hours to do manual testing, and now we can execute sixteen automated test processes in just under one hour. The colleagues were very happy - they were amazed at what Worksoft has done for them.

Leading Global Software Company

Automation has helped our team get its time back because we can catch defects much earlier - it helps reduce churn.  And we're also helping - especially in the agile process - innovate the business procedures.

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer

Worksoft automation has allowed us to reduce the amount of defects in our SAP system - through automation we capture the defects before we release anything in production.

Multi-billion dollar leader in U.S. healthcare

Ensure Every Business Process Works Across All Applications

Make sure every business process across your enterprise functions as designed with high speed test automation from Worksoft. Today there’s no room for project delays or costly technology glitches. Accelerate every project and eliminate technology risk in your enterprise apps with round-the-clock automation coverage.

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