Drastically reduce testing time without sacrificing quality.



Cut project delivery timelines, reduce manual labor, and mitigate risk with the industry's leading test automation solution for enterprise applications. Worksoft Certify allows you to easily create, maintain, share, and consume automated end-to-end business process tests as part of continuous testing, integration, and delivery cycles. And since Certify is a completely code-free solution, it enables non-technical business users and IT to work in parallel, speeding delivery times and reducing manual error.

“One of the key benefits of Worksoft Certify is the peace of mind it brings to users and to the business by being able to easily validate business processes without manual effort." -Honda R&D


Hours Saved Annually
Test Coverage to Mitigate Risk
ROI Over 5 Years

90% Faster. 100% Codeless. 

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Accelerate Project Timelines
Validate complex processes in a fraction of the time of manual testing.
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Build Automation Fast
Create, manage and execute functional testing across applications and technologies with codeless automation.
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Validate E2E Processes
From ERP to web and beyond, our test automation spans every application your business processes traverse.
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Adapt to Change Dynamically
Our test automation framework uses object definitions that empower you to keep pace with change without updating individual test scripts.
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Scale Automation Value
Reusable automation assets let you build and share automation across scripts, projects, and teams.
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Lower TCO
Drive efficiency and increase quality to experience tangible business benefits in the form of time, cost and resource savings.

Create, Build and Maintain Automation with Ease

With Worksoft, you can start de-risking your operation right away. Our codeless, easy-to-use test automation requires no programming so you can start reaping the benefits of automation immediately. Our approach to automated testing includes building a library of objects and test artifacts that you can use over and over. No need to reinvent the wheel with costly, time-consuming rework or coding.

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of Worksoft Certify
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Validate End-to-End Processes Across Applications

Automate your processes the way they run in the real world—across packaged apps, custom apps, web apps and beyond. Worksoft delivers the ability to test end-to-end business processes that span multiple applications, including ERP, mobile, web, and beyond. Instead of testing in siloed applications, we empower you to drive quality assurance, meet high expectations for end-user experiences, and ensure flawless delivery by testing across applications.

“One of the advantages we found with Worksoft was that we could also apply the same platform, the same tools, the same capability to non-SAP systems as well, It really does give us a platform we can use to automate both SAP and non-SAP.”  -Johnson Matthey


worksoft certify end to end testing


Adapt to Constant
Change Dynamically

Constant, rapid change is a given with release schedules, custom development, and changing demands, and more. Skip costly rework and maintenance for your test automation with Worksoft’s patented object action framework. We streamline test maintenance and change management with a one-to-many approach. Instead of brittle bots that don’t adapt to change, our automation uses an object action framework to automatically replicate a change anywhere the object is used, saving time and resources.

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worksoft certify change resiliency for automated testing


Reuse Development Assets to Streamline API Testing

Worksoft Certify Test Automation makes it easy to test APIs and leverage virtual services as part of end-to-end testing. Instead of rebuilding tests, just use our out-of-the-box (OOTB) interface to direct Certify® processes to a SmartBear SoapUI project or Postman collection to run tests or start a virtual service. This two-way integration passes data to an API test and returns test response data when tests are completed. The ability to run API tests breaks down traditional silos between business analysts, developers, and testers. The Worksoft Certify framework can not only create new automation, but also run tests created by software developers as end-to-end business process tests with enterprise-level controls and reporting.

WATCH DEMO: Certify and Postman API

WATCH DEMO: Certify and SoapUI

worksoft certify api tests

Support Agile+DevOps with Continuous Testing

Things change fast in today’s IT environments. That’s why Worksoft’s continuous testing facilitates faster defect identification, prioritized remediation and enables CI/CD for Agile environments. Schedule and run continuous tests with remote execution. Keep pace with change from development and new releases. And run comprehensive tests without impacting project timelines.

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Leverage Proven Expertise for Automating Packaged Applications

We serve the world’s largest organization across industries, enabling them to engage code-free automation business and IT can employ to drive efficiency, quality and continuous process optimization for packaged applications and beyond. Worksoft is considered the “gold standard” for automating SAP.


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worksoft certify testing for packaged applications

Worksoft Certify Automated Testing

Get the speed and efficiency you need to navigate pervasive change with confidence with the test automation platform designed for complex processes.

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Functional Testing
Improve quality assurance (QA) with automated tests that mimic real-world process flows
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Packaged Apps
Test complex applications including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, and more
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Custom App Testing
Build your own apps? Use Certify to automate testing for those too
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Mobile App Testing
Ensure flawless delivery of the processes your on-the-go users expect
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Agile Testing
Enable CI/CD for Agile environments with continuous testing
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Change Resiliency
Replicate change with ease using the object action framework
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Risk-Based Testing
Mitigate risk with impact analysis and scope testing to meet your needs
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Test Orchestration
Schedule and run remote tests with continuous test management
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Defect Resolution
Identify defects early and prioritize pre-production remediation
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Integrate with HP ALM, IBM RQM, SAP Solution Manager, JIRA, and ServiceNow.