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Got a minute? Hear how Worksoft Certify helps you ensure every business process works across all enterprise applications. Eliminate the risk of business disruption while accelerating every project.

Business Process Testing Has Never Been Faster!

Worksoft Certify is the industry’s top ranked software for automated business process testing. Automate the functional testing of mission-critical processes end-to-end across complex application landscapes, including web technologies, mobile apps, big data, hybrid cloud environments, and dozens of packaged enterprise applications.

We Can Help Your Business:

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Accelerate Projects

Eliminate manual effort and shorten timelines with automation

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Optimize processes using a common platform for business and IT

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Boost Quality

Eliminate the risk of business disruption due to technology change

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Lower Costs

Gain enormous staff efficiencies with automation


Are you ready for business? Ensuring business success isn't about testing applications one by one in a vacuum. It's about ensuring your end-to-end business processes are up and running. With ground-breaking technology, Worksoft captures what business users are doing, what applications they are interacting with, and then automatically tests the entire business process. With Worksoft automation, you aren't just doing functional testing of an application. Rather, you are ensuring you can conduct commerce by validating that your team can use all of your enterprise applications, end-to-end, just as the business demands. And because of Worksoft's flexibility and discovery technologies, you will achieve the highest levels of business process coverage with the lowest upkeep and maintenance requirements. Adoption is fast, with comprehensive success typical in 90 days or less.


Identifying opportunity and risk are two important functions of any automation solution. Where there's a lack of test coverage, there's exposure and risk to the business. By identifying these risks early and comparing them to actual utilization, it's easy to set priorities for investment in automation. Whether it is measuring defects, identifying precisely what business processes will be affected by an application update, or validating that sales order output matches the values expected, Worksoft Certify does the heavy lifting so you don't have to.


Many businesses require compliance and documentation as part of quality or regulatory requirements, such as SOX. Compliance validation and reporting are easier than ever because Worksoft Certify produces automatic documentation detailing each process step along with associated screenshots. Easily create detailed process execution documentation perfectly suited to documenting process diligence, readiness for regulated environments, or proof of accurate process functionality. And double your benefit by leveraging the process knowledge and documentation for training and historical analysis purposes.


After a migration or upgrade, have confidence your new platform and solutions will scale to the needs of your business. Offered as a service, Worksoft's performance testing solution means nothing to buy or maintain, just the expertise and technology you need to ensure readiness for business with performance and load testing. From business process understanding to systems performance evaluation to delivering reporting on the performance and throughput of the applications underlying your business processes. And if our team finds risks or performance exposure, we provide diagnostic help to identify areas for remediation.

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