Worksoft Analyze®

Experience End-to-End Automated Business Process Discovery, Documentation and Test Creation.

Auto-discover Business Processes. Generate Complete Documentation. Accelerate Test Automation.

Worksoft Analyze is an easy-to-use solution that enables automation professionals to discover actual end-to-end business processes without having to ask someone how it’s done. Worksoft Analyze eliminates not only the need for user interviews but also all the resulting manual documentation. This drastically reduces manual labor and can cut weeks or even months from the overall project timeline. Best of all, because the business processes are now defined and documented within the system, you can use them to jump-start test automation efforts by importing them as test scripts into Worksoft Certify or even as business blueprints in SAP. We call this business-driven automation!

Shorten Testing Cycles, Improve Quality and Accelerate Automation Efforts.

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Release Faster

Minimize the time needed to document business processes and generate matching test cases.

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Reduce Defects

Eliminate missed steps and unintended impacts with complete end-to-end business process discovery.

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Increase Automation

Jump-start test automation efforts with prebuilt test cases generated by nontechnical users.

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Reduce Risks

Leverage analytics to identify the most critical business processes and focus testing on what matters most.

How Does Worksoft Analyze Work?

Analyze includes two core components: a simple tool for discovering activity downloaded to a user’s machine and a cloud-based analytics engine. Once a process has been discovered, it is uploaded to Analyze. Duplicate processes are removed, and similar processes are grouped and then visualized in complete, end-to-end views. This makes it easy to identify the “happy path” and to see the number of times a process was used (capture count) and the time it took for a user to complete each step in the process (think time).

Discovered business processes can then be exported as base test scripts to Worksoft Certify to be used for automated, end-to-end business process testing. Information can flow both ways. Existing tests from Certify replicate to Analyze for visualization of results and coverage analysis.

Spend Less Time Discovering and Documenting and More Time Accelerating Your Business!

Building accurate, comprehensive documentation continues to be one of the primary bottlenecks in any digital transformation project. Worksoft Analyze introduces true automated discovery for multi-actor business process flows across your organization.

In addition to generating documentation and base scripts for test automation, you can use Worksoft Analyze to:

  • Prioritize investments in business process testing and automation based on use and risk.
  • Export discovered, as-is business processes to business process modeling and design tools.
  • Accurately identify actual transaction paths and flow.
  • Easily identify variants of business processes and the reasons for them.
  • Compare and contrast levels of efficiency within groups of processes; identify outliers.

Technical Demos: How to Use Analyze

Enterprises can greatly benefit from data mining and historical analysis that can help them quickly understand their business, optimize processes, and more rapidly produce test automation portfolios to help accelerate their success.

Melinda Ballou IDC

There's real money to be saved and maybe more importantly, real business time to be saved with automation.

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Worksoft automation will continue to help Citrix increase operational efficiencies, improve business agility and achieve cost savings, all while mitigating technology risk.

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