Automated Business Process Documentation

Avoid Testing Delays and Rework with Accurate, Automated Business Process Documentation

Eliminate Documentation Bottlenecks and Time-Intensive Business Process Requirement Documentation Projects for Good

Testing. Training. Audits. Process re-engineering. Every one of these activities requires that your team has accurate business process documentation in-hand to maximize success. The cost of documenting your business processes can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct costs for consultants, interviewers, and document preparation – not to mention your team’s opportunity cost which can be even greater. The knowledge of these processes must come from business users and business analysts, whose time is expensive. Any time they spend creating documentation takes them away from their primary mission of running the business. Even worse, once this hard-won information is captured, it can become out-of-date in a matter of days or weeks as business processes change over time.

Worksoft Analyze introduces true, accurate, automated business process documentation for multi-actor business process flows across your organization.

Today we use manual test scripts and SharePoint for documentation. Our challenges include the rate of change and documentation of processes. As a result, we’ve had "sloppy testing” and defects enter production.

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Automated Business Process Documentation for Testing with Worksoft Analyze

Documenting business processes and workflow for enterprise and web applications needed for compliance, change management, training or test case development is tedious and time consuming. In the Agile development world, teams don’t have time to wait for QA to manually document a user interface. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. What if you could capture end user actions with enterprise software instantly and generate a visual model of the executed processes, end-to-end transaction flow and detailed supporting documentation—all in minutes—across multiple users and departments? Think how much time and effort a solution like this could save you?

Worksoft Analyze provides a highly efficient way to rapidly capture and maintain business process documentation for testing, training and compliance purposes. With Worksoft Analyze, a user simply hits the record button, does their work, and hits the stop button when they’re done. All the steps, data and actions are recorded and complete documentation can be generated within minutes. No interviews. No time delays. Minimal chance for error. High accuracy. Lower cost.

Get Comprehensive Training Documents Within Minutes

Creating step-by-step training for new business users on how to perform normal process activities, such as creating a new order or processing a shipment, and has historically been time consuming, tedious, and quickly outdated. With Worksoft Analyze, step-by step-training materials include a narrative of each process step along with sample data, full screenshots, and even highlighted data entry fields used for every transaction. Results are automatically generated in MS Word or PDF documents. Best of all, if part of a process changes when a business user captures a process in a new way, new documentation is generated within minutes.

OnDemand Audit & Compliance Documents

When external or internal auditors are deployed in your organization, one of the first things they ask for is a description of the processes used in your business. Worksoft Analyze provides detailed, plain-English process narratives, up-to-date flow charts describing the overall process when overviews are needed, as well as detailed step-by-step documentation. Manual steps or signature approval blocks can be easily added because the process description is generated in easy-to-edit formats, like MS Word. Within minutes, any process can be documented replicating the exact steps a user took to complete the process.