When Cascades, Inc., a leading manufacturer of more than 500 packaging, hygiene and recovery solutions, decided to implement SAP SuccessFactors for HR, they turned to their trusted test automation provider, Worksoft in collaboration with IBM. Martin Gauthier, IT Service Director of Business Solutions for Cascades, shared insights on how Worksoft helped them meet their goals. 

The Worksoft customer needed to accelerate the migration of SAP SuccessFactors, validate processes for release cycles, and leverage existing test libraries for their new HR packaged application. Their goal was to automate all 150+ HR scenarios for maximum cost savings, improved quality, and reduced risk of human error. They also wanted to support in-sprint Agile automation and a “shift left” approach.

The Worksoft Solution

Cascades chose the Worksoft Connective Automation Platform, including Worksoft Certify, a proven test automation platform for SAP and beyond, and Worksoft Execution Manager for remote and scheduled tests. 

"With Worksoft, we can automate the execution of our tests related to our HR management solution SuccessFactors and increase the quality of our deliveries,” said Gauthier. “The agility of our teams results in the continuous integration of our modifications supported by continuous testing.”

Speed Regression Testing, Improve Quality & Reduce Risk

Cascades was able to decrease manual testing by 75% with Worksoft test automation, resulting in more time for employees to work on higher priority tasks, as well as significant cost savings. The execution time of all automated scenarios went from 50+ hours to 2.5 hours. Overall delivery quality was also increased by running full regression tests more often.

“We have now achieved 100% test coverage," said Gauthier. "We were also able to bring a high level of maturity to the library of tests created in terms of test data management and self-validation of tests results which make the scenarios robust and very autonomous, thus, lowering preparation and manual validation time to a minimum.”

Leverage Proven SAP Expertise for Automation

The implementation of SuccessFactors created the opportunity to expand their use of Worksoft automation and leverage deep SAP testing expertise.

“We wanted to automate every possible HR scenario in each of the nine SAP SuccessFactors modules, so we chose a vendor with the most extensive experience with SAP applications," said Gauthier.

Engage IBM for Smooth Integration and Implementation

IBM applied their deep expertise in SuccessFactors implementation and test automation using the Worksoft platform to drive a successful project for Cascades. With IBM functioning as the main service provider for the application and automated tests support, the teams worked together in maintaining, modifying, and supporting existing automated test cases. 

"The fact that IBM was able to provide all the expertise needed to deliver both the project and the test automation, as well as the existing relationship and integration they  already had with us were certainly big success factors," said Gauthier.

Minimize Manual Testing and Support Future Regression Testing  

Working with Cascades QCoE team, IBM built and prioritized a test plan based on the order in which modules were implemented at Cascades. With the goal of minimizing future manual testing efforts, tests were automated as were modules rolled out and implemented in production. The automation was applied to validate module upgrades as well as support regression testing in other phases. 

"Overall, the manual testing effort required in each sprint was reduced by an average of 75%," said Gauthier.

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