SAP User Group events are some of the largest SAP focused events around the globe, including SAP SAPPHIRE, SAP TechEd North America, and SAP TechEd Europe. In addition to these, the largest annual German-speaking SAP event is the annual DSAG conference.

When & Where is DSAG 2016?
This year’s DSAG Annual Conference will take place September 20-22 at the Nürnberg Convention Center. The meeting is designed to bring SAP users together to network, learn about best practices, and discover new SAP technologies and solutions.

Automation at DSAG 2016
Worksoft has a proven track record helping companies automate the discovery and testing of their SAP business processes - and DSAG is the place to see this automation in action!  Worksoft experts will be on hand to show how global SAP companies use automation to ensure that every business process works, every day, across every enterprise application.

You can also hear it straight from Siemen’s Enterprise Architect, Jens Neuhaus, who will be giving a featured presentation at DSAG. Jens will describe how Siemens has been able to move away from a manual testing approach and create a new QA standard with Worksoft automation:
[well theme="light"]Lights-Out Testing Approach at Siemens: Adopting Automation for SAP Success
Presented by Jen Neuhaus, Enterprise Architect SAP Solutions, Siemens
Having successfully evolved its E2E process testing from a manual, project-driven discipline to a more integrated approach that supports its entire ERP system release schedule, Siemens demonstrates how to successfully establish test automation as a core discipline within SAP Application Management. Siemens re-engineered its global test automation service using the Worksoft product suite to test all aspects of its ERP system, including projects and bug-fixes, as well as minor and major releases. The result is an overall testing concept that combines both manual and automated business process testing on the SAP Solution Manager platform, as well as full alignment with an ITIL-compliant support process framework to ensure continuous use. In addition to explaining how Siemens uses Worksoft to perform necessary updates to business process tests, there will also be a live demo.
If you’re planning to attend DSAG this year, please stop by our booth to see the latest technology in test automation and business process discovery. To schedule a live demo during the event, please email us at Our space for live demos is limited, so please let us know as soon as possible. See you in Nürnberg!