Make manual testing a thing of the past.

Are you enjoying weekends the way you’d like to - spending time with friends and family, seeing the great outdoors, trying out the newest restaurant in town? Or is it your turn to spend Saturday & Sunday working with IT and Operations, testing to make sure the system update didn’t break your company’s most important business processes?

We understand your pain. Way too many hours spent inside, wasting a weekend wishing that user acceptance testing hadn’t failed - so you could go home. Then, when you do get to go home, you’re waking up in the wee hours to check if the system is ready to test -- so you can make sure that end-to-end business processes work as they should. All so Monday isn’t a disaster.

There’s a better way!

Worksoft has automation solutions that empower you to take your weekends back:

  1. Discover – Capture, visualize, document and analyze end-to-end business processes in an efficient, automated manner
  2. Automate – Build and maintain a reusable portfolio of business process test automation at the enterprise level
  3. Run – Run automation at industrial scale for projects and ongoing operations, every night or every day to ensure every business process works, even when technology changes.

With Worksoft automation you can discover your company’s actual business processes and find the real end-to-end workflow, or you can perform your business processes and let capture technology do the work. Then import this process information directly into Worksoft Certify® to generate an automation portfolio that you can run daily, overnight, weekly, or on your schedule. With automation in place, you’ll be on the path to continuous quality in the digital world.  You’ll identify application defects earlier, avoid software glitches, and be able to head off potential problems before they impact production. And you’ll take your weekends back!

Worksoft Certify automating business processes.

Ready for more details on this? See what real users think about test automation and what types of companies have already started using it in our webinar below.


What will you do with your reclaimed weekends? Go on a hike? See a movie? Dance in the park? Your options are endless!