Enabling Easier and Larger Deployments of Industrial Scale Test Automation.

Worksoft Certify 10 is the latest release of our top ranked software for end-to-end functional test automation. This new release is equipped with stronger enablement in cloud and hybrid cloud environments, allowing it to facilitate easier and larger scale deployments of around-the-clock “lights out” validation of enterprise business processes.

Product manager, Chris KrausWe spoke to product manager Chris Kraus and asked what was so unique about Worksoft Certify 10 and he said, “This update really sets us apart in today’s industry landscape. Our execution manager is really good at automation management to where it lets you run huge numbers of tests in parallel. By optimizing the software to be compatible with the cloud, customers can do that both locally and remotely. It’s important because some customers need to run tests in a very short timeframe and need to test as much as possible in that timeframe, so they need things to run in a highly parallel way. Now we can scale into the cloud so that it can be done remotely – which is a huge benefit for Worksoft customers. Our competitors are missing that. They just can’t do it.”

Rapid Adoption. Chris also talked about the adoption of the new release, and added, “Within days of releasing Certify 10, we’ve had multiple customers adopt, install and use it! Historically, it can take a few months before people start adopting new versions of software - so this is very exciting for us.”
Rapid adoption
“The best part about the early adopters is that they are using the new cloud features of the software successfully. For example, companies headquartered in one location but that have distributed testers in other parts of the world have adopted Certify 10 and are now able to remotely connect to run tests. They’ve called the response time of the software when connecting remotely as “game changing” – it’s unbelievably faster!”

Success in the Cloud. “This early adoption is proving that the architecture is doing what it’s designed to do and customers are getting great benefits from it.”

Chris went on to explain that one of the big changes in the Certify 10 release has been the automation execution engine. He said, “With this new release, we’ve laid the groundwork for more expansion down the road. We completely rewrote our execution engine so that it now has enhanced functionality and runs faster for customers. This rewrite provides new features for greater extensibility and scalability. So, this new execution engine will support us moving forward and opens the door for future developments.”

Support for Enterprise DevOps. One of the things Chris was most excited about was that Certify 10 has all the building blocks to support the shift toward DevOps. He said, “This year many big organizations are saying that they are running an agile shop, but they still need to know how to develop and run their tests. This shift toward DevOps is past the tipping point as a way of thinking for customers on how to do development moving forward.  It’s happening. Worksoft is keeping up with this shift in development through this release, and we’ve re-architected our software so that it’s cloud and hybrid friendly.”

“Worksoft stands out because we’re a participant in DevOps, and are doing so gracefully, because we can run a lot of testing in parallel to provide a lot of validation in a short amount of time. Think of it in terms of a customer testing for a build. If they are going agile, then it’s a very time sensitive project. They will need tests to run in parallel in a couple of hours or on a very short timeframe.  No matter how big it gets, Certify 10 can handle it. That makes this technology unique.”

You can find more details of what is new and improved in the Worksoft Certify 10 announcement here.