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Discover, Visualize, and Analyze Your Critical Business Processes with Proven Automation

Fully automate the discovery of business processes across all of your applications in order to visualize your process for comprehensive documentation, efficiency, and testing, as well as for identifying candidates for RPA. Automation not only speeds the discovery process for testing teams, but it also saves business users significant time and increases accuracy. Processes are documented down to the keystroke, without interrupting daily tasks, without multiple interviews, and without manually diagramming their workflows.

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Discover Every Keystroke, Visualize Every
End-to-End Business Process

Release Faster
Release Faster
Minimize the time needed to document business processes and generate matching test cases.
Reduce Defects
Reduce Defects
Eliminate missed steps, uncover errors, and avoid unintended impact with complete end-to-end business process discovery.
Capture Everything
Capture Everything
Ensure every process is documented, down to the keystroke, without interrupting anyone’s job.
increase Automation
Increase Automation
Jump-start test automation efforts with prebuilt test cases generated by nontechnical users.
Mitigate Risks
Leverage analytics to identify the most critical business processes and identify key processes for test automation and RPA.
Work in Parallel
Work in Parallel
Enable test automation professionals to schedule automation into continuous testing cycles as business users document end-to-end processes.

Automatically Discover Business Processes Across Applications

Automatically capture and get a deeper understanding of your company’s actual business processes and all their variations. Companies rely on this powerful information to drive process improvement, mitigate risks, and identify candidates for test automation and RPA. Users can continue their work, uninterrupted, while every business process is captured. Worksoft Analyze automatically visualizes end-to-end processes using diagrams, process variations, and heat maps.

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Discover Every Single Business Process (1)

Identify Risks and Inefficiencies with Always Up-to-Date Process Documentation

Fully automate the documentation of actual, not idealized, business processes. Worksoft Analyze reduces labor and cuts weeks, even months, from project timelines by giving you a comprehensive blueprint for regression testing. Duplicate processes and variations are automatically detected, enabling you to identify the most efficient workflows. Plus, easily search documentation and use it for step-by-step training materials, compliance, audits, or best practices.

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No Testing Experience or Technology Knowledge Required

Empower everyone across your organization to document fast, accurate data without interrupting their daily tasks. Worksoft’s Capture feature documents every process function, keystroke, and transaction, ensuring the level of accuracy essential to the success of any digital transformation project. Document manual processes, make in-line comments, and add screenshots. Build automation earlier in the project lifecycle and at a greater scale with the ability for business users and testers to work in parallel. And support the rest of the automation lifecycle by transferring data to the QA team to use for test automation or operations for robotic process automation.

Discover, Document, and Visualize Processes

End-to-End Automation in One Codeless Platform

Connect all three stages of automation: discovery, testing, and RPA. Worksoft provides connective automation that seamlessly integrates the full lifecycle of a business process, empowering you to more easily implement and maintain robotic process automation, trusting in the accuracy and durability of your automation.

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