Few companies understand the value of technology, automation, and efficiency better than Accenture - a $32 billion company with more than 394,000 employees worldwide. Accenture is one of the world’s leading technology consulting and services companies, advising and delivering technology to the biggest names on every continent. One of their largest practices relates to SAP – and in fact they use SAP to run their own business.
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Accenture’s CIO Organization recently published a case study report describing how they applied Worksoft automation to achieve digitization of Accenture’s SAP testing.

The Challenge: Pace

Accenture has been rapidly changing and becoming more diverse and complex through acquisitions and organic growth. This pace of change is driving more demands on Accenture’s internal IT team to enable the business to run better, faster and more cost-effectively. While existing SAP testing methods were meeting business needs and of high quality, the business changes occurring required more frequent and faster testing.

Accenture’s IT and business leaders recognized there was opportunity to digitize and automate testing to respond faster and more effectively – as well as gain efficiencies.


The published automation results are dramatic and well-documented in the report:

  • “The automation initiative confirmed the transformational value Accenture expected,” says Dan Kirner, Executive Director of Accenture's SAP Program
  • Regression testing effort is reduced by 60% overall
  • Some areas much higher – Order-to-cash testing effort reduced 90%
  • Accenture reduced the following fiscal year’s testing budget by 50%
  • Accenture continues to maintain high quality, even as Accenture grows its business
  • Success with test automation opened the door to automating production processes… and led to automating the production execution of Accenture’s financial close process with more ahead.
  • Accenture uses Worksoft to test Accenture’s implementation of SAP Suite on HANA…as Accenture takes a multi-phase journey to migrate to SAP S/4HANA Enterprise.

The report makes very strong business case for Worksoft automation, both for testing and robotic process automation, as well as supporting their shift to SAP S/4HANA.  The full case study is available on the Accenture website as well, along with a dedicated landing page regarding the story.
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“The outcomes of testing automation have been outstanding," reports Steve Collins, Managing Director of Accenture's Enterprise Data and Finance Portfolio. "This automation is our answer to supporting the business’s need to digitize in order to move at speed and scale as Accenture supports more new businesses and continues to grow.”