Why Automated Testing Is Key to Business Continuity During the Busiest Time of the Year

As we enter the holiday season with full force, retailers and manufacturers around the globe are hoping they are prepared to meet the demand. From clothing to cars to chocolates, it’s the most wonderful time of year for many organizations’ bottom line.

Whether these holiday purchases are happening on the store floor or through online channels, all the transactions are going through at least one electronic system. And then there’s manufacturing, supply chain management and every other step in between.

Many companies that depend on a successful holiday season to stay in the black have experienced system upgrades and changes throughout the past year, no doubt in preparation for the frenzy these last few weeks of the year are expected to bring. But will their systems support the surge in volume? Have the updates and changes been fully tested throughout their delivery cycle? Can their mobile apps withstand Cyber Monday mania?

The new pace of business change demands constant product deployments and technology updates, and this demand only increases during the holidays. As companies seek to meet consumer demand for speed, agility and convenience, more are adopting an Agile+DevOps approach to expedite innovation and speed deployment. With these updates comes changes, both large and small, that can impact the rest of their systems and related processes.

For large enterprises, the resulting speed and volume of change can be significant. And so can the potentially negative impact if something in their delivery chain gets broken. No one wants to experience their e-commerce site crash, their mobile apps malfunction or see their retail store flooded with a flurry of angry shoppers whose orders cannot be processed.

These holiday headaches can be avoided with proactive testing. Continuous test automation can help ensure that your business processes remain intact by empowering you to schedule and repeat comprehensive testing across your systems, identify potential issues and resolve those issues before they impact the user.

Without automated testing, companies are spending too much manual time building process assurance and are taking on too much risk. In this climate of rapid innovation, both can be catastrophic to an organization. Among the consequences are downtime and disruption to valued customers.

Building an automation strategy to ensure business process excellence during the holidays is the best way to mitigate risk and potential failures. Automated testing not only frees up analysts’ time, speeds delivery, and allows flexible test scheduling, it also provides a higher level of quality assurance with more comprehensive testing and reporting capabilities—so you and your IT team can experience a peaceful holiday season.

Happy Shopping from the Worksoft Team!

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