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Mobile business apps need to work all the time, every day. That’s what users expect. The problem is that mobility adds complexity to quality assurance and can increase your testing burden ten-fold. Worksoft automation dramatically streamlines QA processes to ensure quality in all your mobile and browser-based business apps - and every back-end system.

Manage the mobile revolution.

Quality across any mobile app, platform, or device. Mobile enterprise apps are commonly seen in field service applications and consumer-facing apps in retail, banking, telecom, insurance, energy, healthcare and more. These complex, cross-application processes need to work as designed every day, because when systems fail, the cost of business disruption can be enormous.

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Automation is the only practical answer. Without functional test automation, you can't reliably cover every scenario. Worksoft automation offers complete coverage of your critical business processes - including end-to-end testing of mobile apps on real mobile devices and every operating system.

Browser-based apps need testing too. Business processes today rely heavily on browser-based technologies like HTML, Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight – and they are going mobile. Worksoft mobile application testing boosts quality and improves staff efficiency in the mobile enterprise by validating complex, customized business processes across all these technologies.

Then there’s browsers – IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Worksoft ensures quality with support for every one of them.

Lock-in business process quality across all mobile apps and devices.

  • Automated functional testing for all mobile platforms including IOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile as well as specialized devices
  • Validate processes across different operating system (OS) versions, screen sizes, resolutions, and user interfaces, plus Afaria, Syclo, Sybase Unwired Platform (now SAP Mobile Platform), SAP NetWeaver Gateway, and SAP Fiori
  • Develop a centralized, network-hosted, shared infrastructure to support testing of real devices
  • Eliminate the tedious, costly inventory management of physical mobile devices
  • Save time with the ability to mix and match mobile, web, and back-end application test steps in a single business process scenario
  • Deploy new mobile and web apps faster to enhance the customer experience, improve access to resources, and support your business

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