Why Automation is the Best Option to Discover and Document Existing “As-Is” Business Processes in SAP & Beyond

Whether you’re preparing for a major migration like SAP S/4HANA, or simply want to identify and document your as-is business processes in SAP applications for change management, process optimization or compliance, discovering SAP processes using automation can expedite your efforts and deliver additional benefits.

Expedite Process Discovery for SAP applications
Let’s face it. Manually discovery of as-is SAP business processes can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Time and motion studies, lengthy interviews, disrupting your business users’ day causes undesirable strain and drains productivity. Instead of conducting interviews, watching over shoulders, or combing through old documents, you can use automation to capture the actions of an individual in real-time and see a visual representation of the business process within minutes. With automated process capture, users simply click a button to record their tasks as they perform them. No disruption, no time-consuming interviews. Just fast, accurate capture of the step-by-step tasks in your business process.

Identify As-Is Processes in SAP & Beyond
Business processes don’t exist in a single application in today’s complex IT environments. So process discovery must span across all applications, not just SAP.  Some automated business process discovery tools on the market today can only map out processes within a single, siloed application. SAP users know that their business processes don’t necessarily start or end in SAP, but they traverse it along with web applications, custom applications, mobile applications and more. That’s why Worksoft uses a horizontal approach for automated discovery of end-to-end business process execution across all of the applications your workflows touch.

Build Better Automated Tests
When you capture step-by-step process tasks in a platform that also supports test automation, your process discovery data can serve as a framework for automated business process testing. Fueled by the data captured from actual business users, your SAP automated test scripts will reflect an accurate sequence of events, which enables better business process validation, as well as a blueprint for automating in production with RPA.

Mitigate Risk from Frequent Change
Change is pervasive and persistent in today’s IT environments. Without a line of sight into your actual business processes in SAP and beyond, it’s difficult to ensure those workflows will remain intact with every migration, upgrade and release cycle. By automating process discovery, your SAP change management teams and analysts can use discovery data to establish a baseline of your “as is” environment and use it in conjunction with test automation built on a change-resilient framework to be better equipped to ensure your “to be” environment works as expected.

Engage AI-Driven Intelligence for Process Optimization
Discovery data of your actual SAP business processes and their variations can serve as a foundation of knowledge to generate actionable insights through Process Intelligence, another seamlessly connected capability within Worksoft’s Connective Automation Platform. Using sophisticated AI and ML, Process Intelligence provides a 360-degree view of business processes, combining and aligning data sources and providing business and IT with a common framework for communication and prioritization. Real-time visibility and visualization of business process steps help you identify opportunities for continuous improvement and automation value.

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