Forrester recently released the Omnichannel Functional Test Automation Wave for Q3 2018 and Worksoft couldn’t be happier. Worksoft was named a superior choice, a 5 out of 5 scored leader, for packaged application test automation. The marketplace and our customers continuously validate our approach – 4 out of Fortune’s top 5 tech companies use Worksoft to automate testing of their packaged applications – end-to-end. Yet it’s always gratifying when an independent, trusted voice compares the competition, confirms our approach and rewards our focus.

Per Forrester, Worksoft’s focus is to be the go-to test automation solution for packaged applications for enterprise DevOps. We are the only provider that democratizes testing in the form of code-free test creation. We believe – along with our customer SAP IT – when everyone is involved in the creation of automation, automation is more sustainable and everyone wins. Forrester correctly notes that dev tester skills are hard to find1, and this lack of developers to test directly affects the ability of an organization to realize its automation utilization goals. To this note Forrester found only 29% of those surveyed achieving 70% automation or better1. Conversely Worksoft customers were cited as achieving automation levels of up to 80% in a 12-month period. Further supporting the notion that by providing an automation solution accessible to technical and non-technical users company can achieve higher levels of automation faster.

Worksoft is focused on one thing: automation that ensures your company’s key business processes, the ones your customers depend on, work end-to-end across all your applications. For those areas outside of our focus, we build robust integrations with proven leaders in the space – such as Experitest. Worksoft believes in, and our customer Applied Materials agrees, that integration is key to maximizing the value of current investments in automation.

The need for test automation at-scale has never been greater. Companies must be able to change and respond to new market pressures at internet speeds. Enterprise DevOps, agile and automation enable teams to work in parallel and increase velocity. Enterprises such as Cardinal Health and Honda now see automation equal to development in terms of importance. Synergies between business and IT created by using Worksoft test automation with Agile is unparalleled in the marketplace, explaining why customers and the Global SI leaders including Accenture, IBM and Cognizant are turning to Worksoft.

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