In recent months, IT Central Station gathered user reviews for Worksoft Certify. The goal was to find out what members had to say about the top-ranked test automation platform. As the leading site for peer-based enterprise technology user reviews, IT Central Station is always seeking user feedback that can help their growing community of tech professionals make future buying decisions for their companies.

As they explored these reviews, they discovered that many Worksoft Certify users highlighted similar qualities that contribute to their overall positive evaluation of the platform. This blog post highlights three of the qualities that come up in these Worksoft customer reviews.

Saves Time

IT Central Station members highlighted how Worksoft Certify helps them save time in complex software testing:

“The initial testing estimate was approximately five to six weeks, however with the use of Certify we could do extensive testing in less than three hours, saving many weeks of manual testing effort.” - Santhi G., a Testing & Quality Assurance Manager at a pharma/biotech company with over 10,000 employees

“The Worksoft Certify solution has enabled our clients to automate and save time (approximately 40 to 50 percent).” - Principal Consultant ERPat a tech services company with over 10,000 employees

“This solution has enabled us to automate in order to tremendously save time. If we do one manual process, it could take approximately two hours. The same process using Worksoft probably takes ten minutes.” - Stan B., a Principal Software Engineer at a retailer with over 500 employees

Accelerates Projects

Today’s software projects need to move quickly. Business stakeholders and partners expect code to move from dev to test and into production on an accelerated basis. Users noted that Worksoft Certify enables this kind of project acceleration:

“Worksoft Capture can help our customers to accelerate their automation development at least 40 percent faster than any other commercial tools available in the market. Introducing automation around day one is only possible because of the Capture feature. When we are in the build phase, we can capture the important screens, whether it is in SAP Fiori apps, the SAP GUI, or SAP cloud apps. During the development phase, we can start building the automation scripts, then start leveraging automation on day one in SIT.” - Paul P., a Principal Consultant at a tech services company with over 10,000 employees

[We value the] “Speed at which it processes our testing scripts, detail of testing results for audit validation, documentation can serve as training document for new employees.” - An SAP Business Process Consultant at a logistics company

“It helps us to implement automation testing as part of most projects, so the need for manual testing can be reduced. This really accelerates the testing process as a whole. Before, where it could take 10 days to test a project, now it takes only one or two days to do the complete testing. So, it helps us to reduce our testing timelines.” - Piyush L., a SQA Test Automation Lead at a logistics company with more than 5,000 employees

Works Across SAP and Non-SAP Environments

Functional testing tools should ideally span multiple software stacks. In this context, IT Central Station members praised Worksoft Certify for its ability to work across SAP and non-SAP environments:

“The fact that it can be used across SAP and non-SAP applications is a big advantage.” - Santhi G., a Testing & Quality Assurance Manager at a pharma/biotech company with over 10,000 employees

“Another fantastic thing about Worksoft Certify is using it for end-to-end testing of packaged applications. We are able to automate, not just SAP, but the entire application ecosystem. If you take any company, SAP is the backbone, and if they use SAP ERP, then, there are multiple software applications, where some of them are SAP and some of them are non-SAP applications. Worksoft is one of the tools which can transcend across SAP and non-SAP applications. Non-SAP application include Java or .NET. Worksoft can seamlessly automate these applications.” - Paul P., a Principal Consultant at a tech services company with over 10,000 employees

“We evaluated Micro Focus UFT, Selenium, SAP CBTA, and Worksoft. My main focus was an SAP automation solution, and Worksoft was really good in that space. They were an SAP partner, but I recognized that I wanted something to be more scalable across other applications.” - Heather W., an IT Program Manager at a manufacturing company with over 10,000 employees

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