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Automation in Worksoft Certify is built using the patented Object Action Framework. This framework effectively models the application under test as a series of pages containing GUI objects and test steps, performing actions against those objects. It creates and stores automated test steps in a relational database without a single script or program. The resulting automation decouples the test from the application, making tests resilient to changes in the application under test.

A Certify test never needs to be re-recorded when the application or process changes. You can easily open an existing Certify process to add, modify, or delete steps when required. If an application object changes, an update can be performed once and all related tests will update automatically. Improve test reuse even more with process compare. It’s easier than ever to consolidate and reduce test maintenance by quickly evaluating two processes to determine whether an existing test provides identical coverage.

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Accelerate Test Automation Creation with Master Content Test Library

Certify includes a large library of robust master content wtih common business process scenarios. Standard utilities are also provided to improve the consistency of automation. These include string scenarios covering major SAP processes such as Order to Cash, Produce to Pay, Hire to Retire, plus a wide variety of unit and integration tests.

Master content accelerates success, especially if you’re just starting your automation journey. It provides a library of prebuilt content you can quickly customize for your environment. Common content also provides a significant efficiency advantage. Reusable components can be updated through a single touch point, instead of requiring maintenance across dozens or hundreds of assets.

Let Your Tests Fail, Not Your Automation

Worksoft Certify allows you to determine custom actions based on failed test steps. There’s no easier way to continue running tests, take screenshots of failed steps, select alternate test scenarios, and more. Test results are tracked in Certify, and detailed screens shots of error conditions help identify the root cause of the problem.

Worksoft Certify also offers robust integrations with several ALM and ticketing systems including HP ALM, IBM RQM, SAP Solution Manager, JIRA, and ServiceNow. With one click defects can be entered in JIRA, ServiceNow, or Excel.

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