Agile and DevOps for Enterprise Applications

As development methodologies continue to evolve, the need for speed and quality remains constant. How do you keep pace with rapid dev cycles and be sure frequent deployments don’t impact business? Worksoft automation accelerates your development testing to ensure continuous change is executed with the highest level of quality.

Manage Continuous Change with Confidence

Test early and often. With Agile methodologies and DevOps approaches used today, the speed and frequency of change can't be managed manually. And it's not enough to test software once it's been deployed. That's where Worksoft automation comes in.

Worksoft automated testing solutions are designed to support the dynamic, iterative, and collaborative nature of today's development approaches. Start testing much earlier in the project lifecycle, eliminate QA backlog, roll products out more quickly – get there faster! Automation is simply the only way to keep up with agile development because end-to-end testing must be done repeatedly and iteratively to ensure quality.

And when it comes to development of consumer-facing websites – you need to get it right the first time. Worksoft allows you to deploy new functionality into production daily and cut regression testing time to just an hour or two.

Accelerate it projects. Improve quality. Automation allows companies to shorten project timelines and improve staff productivity by speeding up testing cycles and reducing manual effort. The bottom line is that DevOps environments need to be stable. Companies have to avoid the introduction of bugs because it will impact overall operations. Worksoft automation offers effective regression testing to ensure high quality code – and as a result, higher quality applications in users' hands. Worksoft ensures your software is working as designed in DevOps environments before it's moved into production.

Using Worksoft's automation in DevOps environments reduces development time and speeds the deployment of high quality software. Don't wait until something breaks in production to make a fix. Worksoft helps customers dramatically reduce testing time by up to 90% - even in the face of continuous development, integration, and overall change.

Quality assurance across iterative development and frequent deployment.

  • Begin testing in the earliest stages of development - as applications are being built and throughout the dev process to ensure quality before deployment
  • Continuously validate business processes are working as designed across all applications
  • Improve productivity without recreating test scenarios every time something changes
  • Support IT and business collaboration with solutions that are easy to use, offer an intuitive graphical interface, and require no coding

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