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Shifting applications to the cloud brings quick benefits, like fast access to technology in a simpler, more cost-efficient landscape. But it also creates a unique set of new challenges. Worksoft automation streamlines and accelerates cloud projects.

Maintain Control In The Cloud with Business Process Testing

With cloud applications, the most significant challenge relates to the timing of application changes. You may no longer control when and where technology changes occur. Simple changes to a single business app can have a domino effect disrupting critical end-to-end business processes that weave through multiple applications.

This is especially true in hybrid environments, where on-premise and cloud applications are used together, and may include both private and public clouds with complex integrations. What’s more, these are the most likely environments for large enterprises.

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Automation: An essential tool in the cloud. Today IT and business teams need to work continuously to ensure the quality performance of cloud and on-premise applications in a hybrid environment. This cannot be handled by manual testing processes because there is simply not enough time and not enough people to cover the pace of change occurring across so many enterprise applications. Test automation has become a "must-have" to stay in control, because with automation you can check every business process and every application, every day.

Automated business process testing is critical to effectively manage a hybrid cloud environment:

  • Reduce technology risk for public, private, and hybrid cloud applications
  • Shorten cloud project timelines and reduced cost of deployment
  • Validation of every critical end-to-end business process to ensure that technology changes do not disrupt the business or its customers

Worksoft Certify, our award winning functional test automation software, enables daily business process validation and complete coverage in complex, hybrid cloud environments. Whether you’re moving entirely or partially to the cloud, automation helps businesses to accelerate cloud projects and reduce risk.

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