Compliance Reporting

Many compliance and audit processes require accurate business process documentation, as do training departments. Worksoft automation takes the pain out of generating and maintaining up-to-date business process documentation.

Streamline Compliance Processes With Automation

Audit. SOX and FDA Compliance. Team training. Process re-engineering. Every one of these activities requires that your team have accurate business process documentation in-hand to maximize success. Is it optional? Not really. The problem is that generating and maintaining accurate business process documentation is time consuming and difficult. The knowledge of the process has to come from business users, whose time is expensive – and any time spent creating documentation takes them away from their primary mission. Plus, this hard-won information can quickly become out-of-date.

Automate business process documentation. Automated business process discovery offers a highly efficient way to capture and maintain business process information for documentation and training purposes. With Worksoft Analyze®, the business user turns on a process “capture” feature from their desktop toolbar when executing a business process in their enterprise application of choice, such as SAP or a web application. When the process is complete, they simply turn off the capture feature. Every business process function, keystroke, and transaction has been uploaded into the automation software and can be used for documentation. No interviews. No time delay. Little chance of error. High accuracy. Lower cost.

Worksoft automation saves time and improves efficiency with the ability to:

  • Discover processes across the business automatically, without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive, business disrupting interviews
  • Visualize end-to-end processes across organizational silos using diagrams, process variations, and heat maps
  • Quickly generate and maintain the most accurate documentation of your critical processes to support training, audit, and compliance

Take the pain out of document generation and boost accuracy. Allow your team to spend their valuable time running the business and achieving strategic goals.

Training Documents

Creating step-by-step training for new business users on how to perform normal process activities (such as creating a new order or processing a shipment), has historically been time consuming, tedious, and quickly outdated. With Worksoft Analyze, step-by step-training materials include a narrative of each process step along with sample data, full screenshots, and even highlighted data entry fields used for every transaction. Results are automatically generated in MS Word or PDF documents. Best of all, when part of a process changes (because a business user has captured a process in a new way), new documentation is generated with the click of a button.

Audit & Compliance Documents

When external or internal auditors are deployed in your organization, one of the first things they ask for is a description of the processes used in your business. Worksoft Analyze provides detailed, plain-English process narratives as well as up-to-date flow charts describing the overall process (when an overview is needed), along with detailed step-by-step documentation. Manual steps or signature approval blocks can be easily added because the process description is generated in easy-to-edit formats, like MS Word.

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