Digital Transformation

Today, every business is a digital business. End-to-end processes span dozens of enterprise apps and digital platforms, and your company needs to ensure that each one performs as designed. A disruption to business continuity is unacceptable – so every platform needs to work flawlessly. Worksoft makes that possible, and will help you accelerate the rollout of every digital project.

Ensure Success for Every Digital Project With Business Process Testing.

Whether it's a new tablet technology for field sales, a big data project, or new cloud deployment, you want every digital technology project to stay on track and on budget. For new technologies, a big chunk of the project is testing – and quality is key to fast user adoption. Make sure your team has every advantage with automation. Functional test automation from Worksoft offers the surest path to shorter project timelines, fewer glitches, and a high quality user experience with new digital technology.

Test everything, every day. Today, manual labor is being replaced with digital labor – and Worksoft offers an essential automation path. Worksoft automates business process validation to ensure you’re ready for digital business even in the face of unprecedented technology change. Worksoft functional test automation lets you check every process and app across your enterprise, as often as you like and for every digital project. Every month, every day or on-demand. That’s industry-unique, and no other solution provider offers this level of high-volume, industrial-scale automation.

Meet new expectations. When it comes to new digital technologies, your business users have a new set of expectations that have been defined by their smart phone! They expect enterprise apps to work immediately without a glitch. They also expect updates to be made with minimum fuss. Worksoft automation helps you make digital projects as fast and error free as possible. In fact, there’s no faster way to accelerate projects, boost quality, and sustain it.

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