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Deploying SAP HANA involves substantial change to your enterprise landscape. Worksoft automation helps you avoid business disruption by accelerating HANA projects, ensuring quality, and validating HANA performance across every business process.

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Worksoft understands the unique demands of SAP HANA projects. For some HANA projects, the effort can be up to 80% testing. Worksoft eliminates manual effort and automates functional testing - which can dramatically shorten HANA project timelines. Worksoft Certify reduces technology risk by validating every business process and eliminating manual effort:

  • Achieve end-to-end process testing across SAP HANA and all of the other enterprise applications that support your business processes
  • Efficiently keep pace with the frequent updates and HANA releases
  • Simplify and speed adoption whether you use SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse or SAP Business Suite
  • Validate BI data versus source data in your ERP system
  • Automate the validation of reports and business analytics
  • Uncover and resolve data transfer problems and system issues before production outages occur and business users are impacted

Worksoft was valuable in the SAP S/4 HANA project that we are implementing at the moment to drive test automation. It’s bringing the test automation ratio up and decreasing our test cycles.

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Making the Move to S/4HANA

Before: Get prepared. Before you begin your HANA implementation, you might undergo several upgrade projects to get to the versions that support SAP HANA. Upgrading requires affected business processes to be identified, documented, and tested through several iterations of the project.

Using automation to document and validate your business processes can cut upgrade project time and costs by half compared to manual approaches. The beauty is that business processes are captured once and the resulting automated tests are reusable across all subsequent implementation and maintenance projects, multiplying the benefits several-fold.

During: Accelerate implementation. For existing SAP customers, as much as 80 percent of the work in SAP HANA projects involves testing, because it requires changes mostly to the underlying database. This means that test automation can yield even greater benefits for SAP HANA projects relative to other SAP projects.

Automated business process testing allows you to uncover and resolve data transfer problems and system issues before production outages occur and business users are affected. It ensures all changes are reflected correctly between systems, and helps you validate BI data versus source data in your ERP system. Automation also allows you to verify that reports are functioning and accurate — every time.

After: Drive ongoing business agility. SAP HANA is a still relatively new technology, so there are frequent updates coming from SAP. Every time an update appears, each business process and data flow needs to be tested. Having an automation suite in place means that testing and retesting are easy and inexpensive. With simple modifications, you can reuse your automation library to support ongoing updates and future projects.

You'll need to set up ongoing data transfers from your existing database to SAP HANA and ensure that all transferred business processes and reports function correctly. Regularly testing business processes across all required systems and interfaces is critical to ensure you're getting what you want from your SAP HANA investment — and getting the most from your efforts to leverage Big Data.

Ensure S/4HANA Speed and Performance

SAP® expects big performance improvements with their new SAP HANA in-memory database technology. Will HANA deliver the response times and user experience that you expect? Use Worksoft performance and load testing to improve system performance and verify data accuracy for high volumes of transactions with SAP HANA.

  • Shorten project timelines by 40% or more
  • Deploy business-critical software with improved quality assurance
  • Increase the pace of innovation with on-time delivery of new enterprise software
  • Reduce costs by eliminating unreliable, time-consuming manual testing
  • Ensure business process quality on a 24/7/365 basis

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