Web Application Testing

Your consumer facing website is the face of the business to your customers, so don't risk a website failure. Achieve peace of mind with Worksoft automation to lock-in quality for web apps and transactional websites. Validate web applications every day to ensure every business process works – glitch free.

Test Automation for Consumer Facing Websites

The news is rife with customer-impacting software glitches. While browser-based technologies are an integral part of business today, they are complex and dynamic. Maintaining quality execution across web apps is key to the consumer experience. And that means testing. You need to detect defects early – before your customer does. Thankfully, Worksoft automation will keep your organization out of the headlines.

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Avoid epic website failure. And little failures too. Automated functional testing ensures end-to-end business process quality across all responsive websites and mobile apps. With the pace of business and technology, manual testing just can't keep up. Worksoft's automation platform helps ensure your site stays up and running 24/7.

Confidence in Business Execution on the Web.  As one customer says, "When we put out those websites, they all work!" Worksoft automation accelerates testing, and allows you to check every core process with high frequency. Automated business process validation makes it cost-effective to ensure quality when your website is deployed the first time, and every single time something changes after that.

Your web apps connect to a host of other back-end systems like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce. It's not enough to test individual applications. Worksoft's testing approach ensures end-to-end business process quality across every enterprise app.

An End-to-End Solution for Testing Web Applications.

With Worksoft, businesses can be confident that portals and websites operate with the highest levels of quality execution at all times:

  • Achieve confidence in business execution by automatically checking every step, every day
  • Tackle the quality challenges of every web app and browser-based technology
  • Eliminate risk by ensuring end-to-end quality across all responsive websites and mobile platforms
  • Shorten project timelines and accelerate deployment of new functionality to meet business needs faster

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