Modern business moves faster than ever before, and the margin for error continues to grow smaller when it comes to your business processes. Innovation is constant, permeating every aspect of organizations today to ensure superior digital experiences and keep a real-time pulse on changing employee and customer needs. Gone are the days when companies could afford to spend countless hours running thousands of manual tests before arriving at a solution.

As more and more organizations that have previously invested in traditional ERPs like SAP ECC migrate to SAP S/4HANA to bring agile decision-making to life through benefits like faster processing and real-time analytics, it’s vital to prepare for the transition. Living in an era of constant change, frequent updates and application complexity can slow down digital progress and innovation and leave organizations open to risk. Businesses that prevent these types of catastrophes and succeed are those that not only plan well but that also understand their current system configurations and business processes, as well as how those systems and processes have evolved over time. And while S/4HANA is an opportunity to transform systems and processes to keep pace with business change, it’s also highly complex.

Ensure Integrity with Process Intelligence

Total visibility and insight into the many SAP changes introduced daily help teams understand system integrity at any point in time. Awareness of what can or is happening can help organizations avoid disruptions to daily operation and speed project timelines.

Worksoft and Panaya, market leaders in SAP continuous test automation and change intelligence, announced a deeper partnership in August 2020 aiming to help SAP customers deliver change faster with reliable intelligence and proven automation. This joint solution can speed S/4HANA transformations and minimize risk by ensuring complex E2E processes continue to work as intended and allowing customers to achieve unparalleled process understanding with immediate impact analysis, plus the ability to automate at speed and scale.

At the same time, combining Worksoft’s Connective Automation Platform with Panaya IA Release Dynamix provides the safest and most cost-effective way for organizations to maximize ROI on current SAP systems and prepare for the next steps in its ERP evolution. This joint solution also enables customers to effectively manage S/4HANA system conversion, S/4HANA greenfield implementation, and ECC Optimization projects. Users will be one step ahead with foresight into what to fix, what to test and what to automate.

Real-time Visibility to Properly Scope

The most successful adopters of S/4HANA are those who take the time to plan. The desire to move quickly and hope for the best is often a strong one, but this approach typically leads to high costs as inevitable clean-up is required after the messy move.

Worksoft Vice President of Product Management, Chris Kraus likens the move from ECC to S/4HANA to the daunting and potentially all-consuming tasks of moving between homes.

“Those who plan their moves – and work that plan out ahead of time – reduce clutter and overall cost,” said Kraus. “This is just like moving homes. If you don’t take the time to plan and pack, it’ll end up costing you more time, energy, and money in the end. You’ll also find there are a lot of things you probably didn’t even need anymore.”

The joint Worksoft + Panaya solution allows you to analyze your planned initiative, properly predict failure points in ERP changes delivery in real-time, as well as test scoping weaknesses in both manual and automated test plans. With this level of process visibility, delivery teams can execute only relevant test assets and instantly identify gaps and accurately scope.

Proactively Plan with Impact Analysis

Together, Worksoft and Panaya offer complete S/4HANA analysis and test catalogue impact to help organizations uncover what will break and fix beforehand, what to test and automate, and how much effort the change will take. With Worksoft and Panaya together, organizations are able to reduce time, cost, and risk by 50%. Within 48 hours, customers have a tailored project plan ready to go with a 360°enterprise view to scope, manage requirements, manage defects, and benefit from real-time customized dashboards to proactively manage E2E testing. This enables users to confidently make the transition to S/4HANA and not only reduce but essentially eliminate many common mistakes.

Reducing mistakes to zero while improving efficiency is key, as more and more enterprises face the challenge of reducing costs while increasing quality. Digital transformation has been well underway over the past two decades, but in this new normal, it’s accelerating faster than ever. Proactive joint solutions like Worksoft and Panaya’s provide SAP change intelligence that is critical to ensuring system integrity and process excellence amidst continuous change.

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