Micro Focus (HP) ALM Integrations and Support

Worksoft Certify Seamlessly Integrates with HP ALM to Enable 100% Code-free Continuous Testing.

Easily Fit Worksoft Certify with Your Existing Micro Focus (HP) ALM Test Management Processes

Micro Focus ALM and Worksoft Certify® together provide a complete and powerful end-to-end testing solution, pairing enterprise class test planning, test management and reporting features with industry-leading test automation. The Worksoft Certify / Micro Focus ALM integration provides the ability to seamlessly execute a Worksoft Certify test process, view the results, and leverage all HP ALM functionality for test management.

Worksoft Execution Manager further extends the value of tests by enabling them to be easily called by continuous integrations solutions like Jenkins. Key features of Worksoft’s integration with Micro Focus ALM include:

  • Seamless - Execute Certify tests directly from Micro Focus ALM, bring back test results and view results in Micro Focus ALM or within Micro Focus ALM’s Test Lab.
  • Convenient – Quick and easy right-click operation to link your Certify automation into HP’s test plan. Certify tests processes are linked from within a Micro Focus ALM test plan and can be associated with Certify test processes for traceability coverage reporting.
  • Continuous - Results from a Certify test process can be used to log new defects or test fixes to old ones. Tests can be run as part of continuous testing cycles.


Automated, repeatable, scalable test automation.


Better test coverage for end-to-end business processes.

Lower TCO

Out-of-the-box, two-way integration. No consulting needed.


Automatically track changes and generate reports.


Achieve Industrial Scale by Running Micro Focus (HP) ALM Test Sets from Worksoft Execution Manager

Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing and Lights-Out Testing are all tip-of-the-tongue in the industry right now. Traditionally, setting-up parallel, sequenced or advanced dependency-based testing schedules was next to impossible. To overcome this, you can run Micro Focus ALM test set assets from Worksoft Execution Manager. This enables you to easily distribute and schedule your tests across remote desktops. Execution Manager can call Micro Focus ALM test sets containing Certify processes so that the tests are run unattended and the results are still stored in Micro Focus ALM, providing a consistent audit log. Step level or failure only results and screens are updated in Micro Focus ALM. Users get visibility into the test steps and results. A Worksoft Business Process Procedure (BPP) report is also attached in Micro Focus ALM with verbose test actions and all of the screen shots.

Enable Continuous Integration by Running Micro Focus (HP) ALM Tests from Jenkins with Worksoft Execution Manager

More companies are adopting DevOps and mainstreaming their continuous testing efforts. Tests for enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle and Salesforce.com that typically need to be driven from a UI, the same way the user interacts with the UI, present unique challenges when trying to automate using Micro Focus ALM. The computer needs to be on, a specific user needs to be logged into the desktop, the screen can’t be locked, and tests need to be orchestrated across multiple applications in multiple labs on-premise or in the cloud. This can be easily overcome by directing Jenkins to make a remote REST request to Execution Manager to orchestrate and run the corresponding Certify processes and Micro Focus ALM test sets. Results of the testing is returned to the continuous delivery orchestrator (eg. Jenkins) and results are stored in Micro Focus ALM. Persistent results in both systems provides the benefits of build time results and system of record results in Micro Focus ALM.