Worksoft Testing Framework for SAP Solution Manager

Take Full Advantage of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Test Suite with Test Automation and Impact Analysis Accelerators from Worksoft

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Worksoft Certify Advanced Integration Support for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Test Suite

Worksoft has been focused on SAP and its related applications since 2007. Worksoft is a member of the SAP Focus Solution Partner Program and offers some of the deepest integrations and functional testing support for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Test Suite in the industry. Worksoft Certify was the first test automation solution to be certified for use with SAP NetWeaver for the Solution Manager 7.1 Test Automation Framework interface and has since continued to enhance our support.

Today, Worksoft offers a robust set of end-to-end functional test automation solutions for Solution Manager 7.2 that enable clients to configure and execute tests for SAP/non-SAP systems, and dynamically generate TBOMs for BPCA directly out of Test Suite.

Because we can link test scenarios from Worksoft into SAP Solution Manager quite easily, we use it for planning, tracking, and monitoring test execution. And by having process documentation in SAP Solution Manager, we have the foundation for test management because test designs rely on that process and technical information.

Jens Neuhaus, Director of Test Automation Service Siemens Energy

Worksoft Certify SAP Solution Manager Integration Key Features

Certify features a robust two-way integration with SAP Solution Manager that enables users to create, execute, and report test results natively within Solution Manager 7.2.

From capturing the data needed to populate SAP business blueprints to running 1000s of tests in nightly regression runs key features include:


Support for BPCA - Auto-generate TBOMs for Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) consumption via the execution of automated test cases.
Easy to Maintain - Certify processes are automatically versioned when managed from Solution Manager.


Application Coverage - Users can test native SAP GUI, Fiori, S/4HANA, and non-SAP applications (Microsoft Office, IE, Chrome, .Net and Java applications, etc.), in end-to-end tests.
Modern Architecture - Supports complex hierarchical test data containers, not just flat tables. Supports promoting tests in 3-tiers (dev, test, prod) managed from Solution Manager.

Shorten SAP Testing Cycles, Improve Quality and Reduce Costs and Risks

Maximize Test Windows

Minimize manual testing for SAP and non-SAP applications. Automate 80%+ of tests.

Increase Test Coverage

Increase test coverage by using Solution Manager to run end-to-end for SAP and non-SAP applications with Worksoft Certify.

Single “Source of Truth”

Use Solution Manager as your test management and compliance reporting system for all your applications.

Reduce Risks

Minimize the risk of downstream and upstream processes breaking from new transports by taking full advantage of BPCA.

Enable DevOps

Run automated end-to-end tests as part of a continuous integration, a continuous testing, or a continuous delivery cycle.

What Is a TBOM in SAP Solution Manager?

BOM stands for technical bill of materials. A TBOM contains a list of all objects involved in a transaction, including function modules, tables, and user interface elements. From Solution Manager, you start a trace, run through your transaction, and then turn off the trace. Solution Manager collects the list of objects used in the transaction. BPCA compares objects in a transport against objects in a TBOM to determine what is affected by a given transport.

Worksoft Certify can be used to automate the process of generating dynamic TBOMs for BPCA. To do this, Certify processes are linked into an Executable Library, a Process Step Library, or Business Processes. Certify actions are then used to start and stop TBOMs and run automated test cases to create the dynamic TBOMs.