New Capabilities in Worksoft Certify Impact Enable Companies to Better Evaluate the Risk and Impact of Planned Changes in SAP at the Enterprise Level

worksoft certify impactDALLAS, March 28, 2017 – Worksoft®, a leading global provider of automation software for high-velocity business process discovery and testing, today announced new features in Worksoft Certify Impact that help customers better assess the risk and impact of planned changes to mission critical business processes resulting from SAP service or enhancement packs, upgrades and new applications. The new capabilities help enterprises focus resources and staff more efficiently and quickly to mitigate risk and thoroughly test change areas.

Enabling Business and IT Collaboration. The new functionalities in Worksoft Certify Impact help business users more quickly comprehend the business risk associated with making changes in SAP environments. Now the business can have an interactive role in change management, and can easily understand the actual business processes potentially impacted by changes.  In addition to performing risk assessment, the new Worksoft Certify Impact brings IT and the business together functionally.

Now Handling Ten Times the Volume of SAP Transports. Worksoft Certify Impact provides a pragmatic, risk-based testing solution for analyzing the contents of SAP transports and validating the end-to-end business process based on changes contained in the transport.  Worksoft Certify Impact now offers continuous analysis and handles ten times the volume of SAP transports. Transports are analyzed on release and results are stored for fast access on demand, providing a better user experience. An understanding of the degree of change and enterprise exposure provides customers with the confidence to deliver new SAP functionality faster and with higher quality.

“Global 5000 companies are more frequently implementing technology updates to take advantage of the latest software advances, such as SAP HANA,” said Shoeb Javed, chief technology officer, Worksoft. “SAP is releasing new HANA functionality monthly, so customers must keep up with the new releases to get the new functionality. In response to this increased velocity, Worksoft has introduced new features to help customers more quickly and accurately identify and visualize the business processes affected by change and make intelligent risk-based analysis. By quickly pinpointing the risk areas, companies can better focus their teams’ efforts to ensure end-to-end business continuity,” he said.

Worksoft solutions are integrated with SAP Solution Manager and BPCA (Business Process Change Analyzer). Additionally, Worksoft Certify Impact’s close integration with Worksoft Analyze enables new, valuable analysis capabilities to support the business user.

  • "Impact Identification" compares Worksoft Certify Impact analysis to end-user business processes, quickly identifying business processes with pending changes.
  • "Coverage Comparison" compares Worksoft Certify Impact analysis with existing test libraries and pending change or process execution frequency. This helps customers further assess risk, identify coverage gaps and prioritize their test automation investment - enabling better decision making and greater confidence in making changes.

With functional test automation software from Worksoft, companies can validate half a million process steps in a matter of hours across hundreds of business processes on hundreds of cloud-based virtual machines. Worksoft intelligent automation helps the world’s biggest brands understand their real-time business processes quickly, and ensure they continue to work when enterprise applications change.